About Fitroosje

My name is Roos. Ever since I was little, I have always been a little bigger than most of my friends, which in turn affected me a great deal growing up. Why could they eat everything and I couldn’t? Why was I bullied, insulted and called names? I wanted to be the same as everyone else, so I decided to do something about it.
I have always participated in sports, so I think for me it was more about addressing the nutrition side of things. When I was around the age of 10 or 11 I began a diet that contained only dry bread and water. This helped, and I subsequently lost weight. However, when I started attending high school, I was still the heavier girl in a group of friends that were able to eat what they wanted whilst I couldn’t. But of course, I ate with them. Whenever we had free hours, we would go to the local supermarket and stock up on a selection of sweets, cookies and crisps. However, my desire to lose weight and watch what I ate was constantly playing in the back of my mind.

Throughout this period of high school I decided to keep a food diary and eventually began running everyday, as well as keeping up with my regular basketball practices. This worked great! I lost around 10 kilos and I felt really good about myself! After a while, my weight stagnated.
During this period I also met a few guys who were pretty into fitness and one day I decided to tag along. I really enjoyed it! After this I signed myself up to a gym and started working out regularly. Besides attending the gym, I still played basketball and took part in boxing training.  Sometimes I would even work out twice a day, because the more I trained, the better my results would be, right?! I did continue to watch my nutrition, but in retrospect looking back, I had no idea what I was actually doing.

Up until about 2 years ago I took it upon myself to change this, and decided to delve more into nutrition. Firstly, I began following all kinds of ‘Fitgirls’ on Instagram. Doing this helped motivate and inspire me, if they could look like this why couldn’t I too? With this mindset I started with the ‘If it fits your macros’ plan. This plan consists of you keeping track of carbohydrates, fats and proteins of a product. According to this theory it technically doesn’t matter if you eat a hamburger or mince with brown rice.  Your body isn’t affected by what specific product you digest, as it isn’t fully aware of this, however what is important to your body is the products nutritional value. The advantage of this plan is that it really didn’t feel like I was on a diet as I could pretty much consume anything I wanted, although in moderation was key. Despite this, having to weigh all of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats everyday to the specific required amounts was demanding and eventually started to cause me stress. So, I thought it was about time to try something else.

Taking the following courses allowed me to focus far more in depth in regards to nutrition and the human body.

  • Fitness trainer level 1

  • Fitness trainer level 2 and Personal Trainer

  • Course nutrition and hormones

  • Course orthomolecular weight consultant with subjects such as: lipedema, histamine, estrogen dominance and intestinal complaints.

  • Course sleep problems and burnout

  • Course parasitic load and cystitis

  • Course women's complaints.

  • Course inexplicable complaints

  • Course B12, Folic acid and B6

  • Course Medical Basic knowledge

Completing these courses has resulted in me now having a completely different outlook on nutrition and the human body as a whole. I’ve learnt that the key to a nutritious and healthy body mainly revolves around primeval nutrition. Primeval nutrition is simply what it states in the title, and that is nutrition in the earliest time in history, before all the processed products. Many challenges we face and complaints we have in response to nutrition are issues with fatigue, headaches, abdominal pain, dizziness and many more. These obstacles we face are likely to set us back, whereas if we eat more fresh, organic and unprocessed products you will find these negative aspects of nutrition will disappear. As the correct nutrition should give your body energy, not lack of it. What I strive for is to give your body nutrition that will benefit it. When you do this you will notice the positive changes within yourself, such as feeling a lot fitter! And importantly, counting calories will become superfluous.